The 7-Day Sleep Experiment: Small Wins Can Lift Big Challenges

Meet the heroes

Motivated by his desire to fix his encumbered sleep schedule, Bassel set out to design a life-in-times-of-lockdown outside his pajamas. Maria, who tried many a way to get back control of her rest time but to no avail, found in the challenge a way to reconnect high productivity with high energy and enough rest time. Marina had never really tried any tool or strategy to give structure to her days and nights before the challenge. So, for her, the commitment to the experiment and the unwavering support of the group got her to double her productivity. And last but not least, Lucy, the leading mastermind behind the creation of the challenge, also embarked on the journey and realized the difference between connecting with a habit theoretically through research and actively implementing the steps on the ground. For her, the practical experience made all the difference.

Lucy Tabakian, Bassel Tammim, Maria Tawk and Marina Daoud, from left to right starting with the first row and moving to the second.

What is The Sleep Experiment?

It is a 7-day journey that proposes fixed daily micro-missions to accomplish by the end of each day. Every mission proposes two small tasks. None of these tasks is entirely foreign to us, but, more often not, we do not really live by them. Truth is, sometimes, the most groundbreaking solutions are also the simplest and most accessible ones.

The story behind the project

This experiment comes as a response to a survey PersEd and its ambassadors organized online back in February 2020. The survey sought to understand what skills the youth really wanted and needed to learn, not just because they have to but because they’re motivated to do so.

  • self-awareness
  • self-discipline
  • sleep management
  • public speaking

The foundations of the challenge

Throughout The Sleep Experiment, participants got the chance to explore different ways that can boost their sleep patterns. Each day is slightly more demanding than the previous one, but all are pretty simple actions. And on the seventh day, they can select a favorite routine that has the potential to stay and have positive impact on sleep and performance.

Sleep: much more than a few hours of rest

In times of great change, when everything is in motion, we cannot sit still and do nothing! Idleness is for those who have time to waste, and we are not those people. Sleep is for those who are willing to sacrifice long-term success for short-term satisfaction, and we are not those people. (Reread with a pinch of irony)

You are not an elephant

We are pressured to work harder and for longer hours, to hustle, to sleep less or not at all. When do all those sleepless nights come knocking on our door? And what do they knock on our door for? Burn-out? Diabetes? Chronic fatigue? Depression? Does it come with the keys you constantly forget wherever you go? Is it for the doctor’s appointment?

If you are not an elephant, then what are you?

If you’re an alien or still believe that you’re an elephant, you can skip this paragraph.

  1. It protects your heart (yes, you have one)
  2. It repairs your muscle
  3. It regulates the release of hormones (hangry, anyone?)
  4. It synthesizes protein (the equivalent of a polymath for molecules in your body)
  5. It helps your nerve cells to reorganize and removes toxic byproducts from your brain
  6. It improves learning and memory
  7. It increases concentration
  8. It boosts your creativity and problem-solving
  9. It keeps you at bay of rash decisions
  10. It increases the activity in your amygdala, this little pea that regulates emotion and, when out of balance, panics and inspires fear
  11. It also increases activity in the hippocampus (champion of learning and long-term memory), medial prefrontal cortex (famous for facilitating judgment and decision making), striatum (mainly known for facilitating voluntary movement), and insula (too many functions to cite).
  12. It keeps you in shape, summer-style
  13. It helps you be more productive during the day
  14. You get to appreciate and use every moment of the day

Do I have to sleep 8 hours?

How can the challenge change your life day by day?

The Sleep Experiment lasts one week. And during those seven days, you get the chance to experiment with different potential routines, understand what works best for you through experience and then choose how you want to move forward with your life. There are many benefits to taking part in the challenge but here are the top three as recognized by the heroes who embarked on the journey first and tested out the process for you:

  1. Awareness
  2. Accountability

Experimentation: the “routine-tasting” trip

Awareness: feel the hot drops of water

Accountability: we are in this together

What’s next?

  1. Join the Instagram channel to get to watch live chats with the first participants of the Sleep Experiment.

Ready for the “routine-tasting” trip to better manage your sleep and performance?



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