Diaries of an indignant Lebanese — part 1

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Photo by Ryan Lum on Unsplash


Every now and then, you send messages with capital letters to your friends, let off some steam, and then, when you have a zoom meeting with your collaborators, you put on a Hollywood-worthy show. But you’re so involved in the show of your unaltered professional life (or the seemingly unaltered, at least momentarily, while Tesla throws his magical electrical stardust), that eventually, as the good actor — excuse me, professional — you are, you fall for the narrative. You believe in your energy and you share it everywhere. Like the actor who played King Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. He used to take his sword when going for breakfast (or was it lunch?) to stay in character.

Sending this message at 9:34 AM. It will arrive when the electricity is back.

Excuse me now, I am going to go grab my sword.


This is a weekday. A workday. A WORKday. Still no power.

Phone battery: 44%, minimal use, minimal light.

Laptop battery: 73%, battery saver on, luminosity cut by half.


Lights on. How long will it last?


The chronicle of an indignant Lebanese waiting for the current, trying to hold on to her sword.

A new saga, by the Lebanese Government.


No electricity. Again. Got my 5-item grocery list at 86,000 LBP (formerly known as 58 USD, currently recognized as a mere 4 dollars and a few cents). Payed 14,000 LBP to the carrier because he had to climb five flights of stairs with 6 water bottles. He redefined 6 packs, he deserves the extra.

Before the power cut, I had started to work on a presentation on Canva. HAHAHA. Optimism at its best. Should have stayed in the age of PowerPoint and bold curvy fonts. Obnoxious. But “internetless”. Like me, right now. Till when?

The presentation and the productivity go down the drain. We might find it challenging to achieve net-0 in Carbon emission… But net-0 productivity? Piece of cake! Said by a productivity addict who can’t function without Google Calendar.


Back to the pre-downloaded 324 Britannica pages on Education to fill my time. In 2031, I will tell everyone that the Encyclopedia saved my sanity… if I have any thread of sanity left in me, that is. Otherwise, people will run away from Encyclopedias. Don’t want that.


It’s back. Didn’t even get the chance to start reading!

Back to the presentation on Canva.

Till when?


I just red your chronicles.


Yes, they’re red alright…


You need to start a diary of a Lebanese struggling.


Yaay! A diary of my struggles. The Lebanese Anne Frank. Hopefully without the dark finale.

Sad Laughter.

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