Better Me 2020: the life & career skills young minds want to learn

The skills that make the Future

Taking Action

2022 is in two years’ time. And we need every possible effort exercised by a variety of stakeholders at all levels, from local to global and public to private, to contribute to the shift in paradigms.

What happened?

In January 2020, we compiled a list of desired skills and abilities that are relevant to the students and young professionals and that speak to them. And we asked them to tell us what they want to learn and what they feel they need to master.

Listening to the youth

  • Creativity: the ability to think differently, to create and produce, to connect the dots and go beyond the previously explored associations. This 3rd most important soft skill for 2020 (according to the World Economic Forum) is a key driver of innovation in a world that is constantly challenging us.
  • Sleep Management: the ability to balance your life and responsibilities and still be able to take care of your physical health and sleep. It’s very important when we have so much to do, so many tempting distractions and so little time!
  • Self-Awareness: the ability to understand yourself and manage your thoughts and emotions. It is highly valued when there’s so much noise around us and we just need to find alignment with who we are and what matters to us.
  • Self-Discipline: the ability to own and manage thoughts, feelings and actions to drive more focus, more commitment and more grit. When motivation has its ups and downs and the challenges around us become overwhelming, a certain amount of self-discipline can get a lot done.

What will happen next?



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Alexandra Kodjabachi

Alexandra Kodjabachi

The Connection Creator | Founder & CEO of PersEd | Speaker | Author | G20 Young Global Changer | UNLEASH Talent | UNESCO APCEIU Youth Leader | Dancer | Polymath