Becoming You: 21 Ways to Boost Your Self Awareness

You are standing in front a big black box.

You know that what’s inside can completely change your life because others have bragged about opening theirs and, as a result, are living a life of fulfillment.

But the box seems unreachable.

It is locked and you don’t know how to open it. Is there a key? If so, where’s the key? What does the key look like? What if it’s a code? But where to put it? And most importantly, how can you even reach the box?

Quite frustrating, isn’t it?

This scene happens more frequently that we’d care to admit.

“But never in my life have I encountered a mysterious black box with supposedly magical powers!” (says the voice in your head )

That’s true… The difference is that in reality, the black box is your mirror, your reflection. It’s you. You are that mysterious box with supposedly magical powers and that, once opened, can completely transform your life.

It’s you.

How can you apply for a degree without knowing what you want to learn? You call the university and ask them if they have empty seats to fill? How can you apply to a job if you don’t know what you can do and what your knowledge and skills are?

Simply put, you cannot achieve a goal if you don’t know what that goal is. You cannot become you who you want to become if you don’t know who you are now and what you need to develop to reach that ultimate vision of yourself.

The answer to many a question you ask about life and the future lies in your ability to know yourself, to understand your motivations and feelings, to manage them, to analyze yourself and be aware of your thought processes for improvement, to comprehend what you value most and how you can and need to actualize those values…

Self-Awareness is the ability to see yourself, evaluate your actions, listen to your thoughts, feel your emotions, and understand your values to better manage your behavior, your interactions and your life in general.

By gaining that awareness and that knowledge, you can finally find that alignment between who you are and what you do and then between what you do and who you want to become.

Organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich, author of Insight, shares the results of her findings in Harvard Business Review: 95% of people think they’re self-aware but only 10–15% truly are.

The odds are that improvement is needed.

A few months ago, and with a group of talented youth and ambassadors, we listened to young people around the world on social media. This endeavor has gathered 16K+ interactions and revealed that self-awareness was one of the top 5 skills young people felt the need and the want to develop.

This was part of PersEd’s projects, called Better Me 2020, that led to a deep dive in the field of psychology and beyond to design a pathway to increasing self-awareness. The experiment led to the design of an infographic mapping out 21+ ways to unlock self-awareness and a downloadable and editable workbook with 40+ tips and exercises.

But to spice things up a bit and make the journey to self awareness more enjoyable, we also designed a personality test that helps you evaluate your degree of self-knowledge. The test is accessible to the large public and you can take it here. Once you take the test, you will receive access to your infographic and editable workbook.

I hope this helps and inspires you some new ways of looking at yourself and improving your self awareness!

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