Becoming You: 21 Ways to Boost Your Self Awareness

“But never in my life have I encountered a mysterious black box with supposedly magical powers!” (says the voice in your head )

That’s true… The difference is that in reality, the black box is your mirror, your reflection. It’s you. You are that mysterious box with supposedly magical powers and that, once opened, can completely transform your life.

Reach the ultimate vision of yourself

How can you apply for a degree without knowing what you want to learn? You call the university and ask them if they have empty seats to fill? How can you apply to a job if you don’t know what you can do and what your knowledge and skills are?

It all comes down to self-awareness

Self-Awareness is the ability to see yourself, evaluate your actions, listen to your thoughts, feel your emotions, and understand your values to better manage your behavior, your interactions and your life in general.

21+ ways to improve self-awareness

A few months ago, and with a group of talented youth and ambassadors, we listened to young people around the world on social media. This endeavor has gathered 16K+ interactions and revealed that self-awareness was one of the top 5 skills young people felt the need and the want to develop.



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Alexandra Kodjabachi

Alexandra Kodjabachi

The Connection Creator | Founder & CEO of PersEd | Speaker | Author | G20 Young Global Changer | UNLEASH Talent | UNESCO APCEIU Youth Leader | Dancer | Polymath